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Manager Speach

In the name of God the Merciful

My message to all the pillars of the educational process,

To our dear sons, we work together to bring you to the highest level of progress, excellence, innovation and striving for the best by providing the best modern ways to apply the curriculum at the hands of teachers who are preparing and training them to provide the best always. We hope you will do more and strive to reach the highest level of excellence and innovation.

To my colleagues and dear colleagues ..

Partners in the educational process, the ownership of competencies puts you on the right path, and pre-preparation leads to achievements, and good planning leads you to success and achieve the educational outputs required in a distinctive way. Be sure to possess personal and cognitive competencies for quality events in teaching and learning, to improve student performance and to impart age and scholastic skills together through your cooperation with all parties and to transform your work into achievements.

To Dear Parents,

We are keen to sustain the close relationship between teachers and administrators, and we believe in the importance of your effective role in facilitating and facilitating the educational process. We work with every effort to provide you with constant knowledge of the level of achievement and performance of your children. We are concerned about the safety, security, safety and well-being of your children. We recognize the importance of the responsibility to protect the safety of your children and apply the policy of protecting children within our educational institution with all honesty and responsibility. Sultanate of Oman, where we are working to revive the national events of the state and to emphasize its cultural and heritage identity.

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